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Andrea Pappas has been in media and technology her whole career, garnering accolades as an entrepreneur, cultural tastemaker and now film producer.


After starting her career in tech sales, and rising to be a top revenue generator in her company, she shifted gears into media and devoted herself to the world of storytelling. Capitalizing on New York City’s ever-growing obsession with brunch, Andrea launched BrunchCritic, an online restaurant discovery platform and production company that served up the best brunch content and produced live, experiential brunch events.​


As the CEO, founder and main personality of BrunchCritic, Andrea soon became New York’s central brunch personality, writing reviews, brunching with influencers, videoing and photographing her food-filled adventures and packaging the content each week for her followers.


Andrea is proud of producing numerous unique events for her community, and especially an event called ORANGE Party, an all-day brunch gala and fundraiser for a non-profit she produced multiple times, the largest attended by 400 people. Andrea cultivated relationships from the ground up with many high profile brands who became sponsors. Andrea is incredibly detail oriented, and each detail for ORANGE, whether major or minor, was thought through extensively to execute a truly experiential, immersive event that is etched in the memories of those who attended, and benefited the brands she worked with.


Andrea's personality and passion won her the attention of famed Italian liqueur brand, Aperol, who hired her to fill the influencer role of “Chief Brunch Officer” in New York City, where she organized group outings centered around the promotion of the Aperol Spritz and shared her brunch outings on social media, helping to boost Aperol’s brand awareness to all-new levels.


Developing brunch content inspired Andrea to help tell bigger stories on bigger screens, so she embarked on a journey into filmmaking. Forging an alliance with actress and producer Alysia Reiner (Orange is the New Black), Andrea helped Alysia bring projects to fruition. Andrea ran grass-roots promotions for the feature film Equity, and was a co-producer on the film EGG that had its world premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival and was acquired by Gravitas Ventures.


Andrea recently wrapped work on a new Disney+ series and is currently working as a producer on a variety of film projects in and around New York City. She is available for upcoming film, TV or video content projects pending her availability.


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