EGG,  feature film

Andrea was a co-producer on the feature film EGG. The film premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival and was acquired by Gravitas Ventures. EGG arrives in theaters and on-demand January 18, 2019.

The film stars Christina Hendricks (known for Mad Men), Anna Camp (known for Pitch Perfect) and Alysia Reiner (of Orange is the New Black). EGG is an unflinching satire about why women choose motherhood, why some revere it, or fear it, or choose to forgo it. The film blows up the idea of the conventional nuclear family, marriage and career as we traditionally know it. 

DRINK IN A MINUTE,  web series​

Drink in a Minute was a video series Andrea created for BrunchCritic, where a cocktail was made in a quirky and lighthearted one-minute video.

Andrea would film at a top NYC brunch restaurant or at the home of a notable entrepreneur. Whether the classic Bloody Mary, a Tequila Paloma, a Honey Basil Peach Bellini, or a summer-time Cucumber Mint Cooler, Andrea and her expert bartender had you covered. 

THE BRUNCH TABLE,  web series​ 

The Brunch Table was a video series Andrea created for BrunchCritic, where she would brunch at a top NYC brunch spot with notable individuals whom she respects.


Andrea would share with her audience the mouth watering dishes at these restaurants and interview her esteemed guests. Some included the Founder & CEO of global movement & non-profit, MOVEMBER, Adam Garone, the Founder & CEO of fashion brand Elizabeth & Clarke-- Melanie Moore, CEO of apparel brand Mountain Hardware (and ultra-marathoner), Topher Gaylord, and Allison Parc-- Founder & CEO of Brenne Whisky.

Truth be told, Andrea loves being behind the camera and isn't thrilled with being in front of it, but she deeply loves the inherently social aspect of brunch, and because she lived and breathed her company.  She knew she had to be the face and voice to spread the brunch gospel on camera in this series. 

ORANGE PARTY, gala of the year!​

Andrea created and produced BrunchCritic’s Annual Signature ORANGE Brunch Gala honoring the Michael J. Fox Foundation, with a budget of $40K, multiple times. 


The most successful ORANGE was attended by 400 people, all clad in head-to-toe orange attire!  She's thrilled to have brought numerous high profile brands on board, to have engaged so many people, have 9 cast members from Netflix's Orange is the New Black in attendance, and to have fostered lasting relationships. Andrea is great at thinking big picture, but knows the devil is in the details.  She's proud to have executed a truly experiential, immersive experience that is etched in the memories of many. And she wrote 400 individual thank you notes to all who attended!

Over the years with her events, Andrea has generated partnerships with brands including Hendricks Gin, Mionetto Prosecco, Aperol, Samuel Adams, Shock Top, EFFEN Vodka, Valdo Prosecco, Brooklyn Brewery, Cupcake Vineyards, Herradura Tequila, La Marca Prosecco, Kitchen Aid, Burt’s Bees, and Whole Foods. She understands that events must be unique and engage attendees, but pays attention to a brand's goals and needs, so there is synergy between their expectations and their bottom line, and the guest experience. 

SUCKED IN - series proof of concept

Andrea produced Sucked In, along with Simon TaufiQue. The film is a proof of concept for a TV series. Sucked In is a horror-comedy, and stars Melanie Chandra, Maury Ginsberg & Kaileela Hobby. Andrea led Sucked In through pre-production, production and post production. She was the on-set producer. And she managed the casting process, hired crew, raised funds, and handled the arduous task of liaising with SAG and the many rounds of paperwork.


Sucked In premiered at Cinequest 2020.

HONEY BEE - short film

Andrea is a proud producer on Honey Bee. The film is a short visual poem told through a memory, from a survivor's perspective years after a trauma. It's an exploration of how the brain processes life-changing events in linear and non-linear ways, an ode to survivors, a meditation on complicated grief, and a primal scream to wake us -- as a society -- from complacency to people's suffering, especially once the dust has settled and the cameras have found the next major headline.

Honey Bee is currently in consideration with a number of Film Festivals. 

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